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Sreekanth's Bridge is the one of the Top Overseas Education Consultant in Vijayawada. Established in 1997 as Vijayawada Visa Services, we have placed thousands of students in different Universities across the Globe. At Sreekanth's Bridge we go beyond overseas education consultancy, we help students in building the careers. We take care of the students right from choosing the University till the student lands safely at the University and beyond.

Sreekanth's Bridge over the last 27 years has grown on the references provided by the successful students and their word of mouth. The references are so deep that we service not just friends, brother, sisters of our successful students but also their parents for visiting visas now.

With our tremendous experience, we are best equipped Overseas Education Consultancy in Vijayawada to guide for the Students Visa. We understand critical issues to the minutest level, which are crucial for Student Visa approval.

You are well aware that many a time a small mistake will cost you dearly at Student Visa and when it comes to Student Visa no body wish to take chance, so do you. This has been our path to success and made us best among in Overseas Education Consultants in Vijayawada. When it comes to the most crucial issues in career, do not take a chance. Keep it in the safe hands of Vijayawada’s most successful and trusted Overseas Educational Consultancy – Sreekanth's Bridge, the Best of Education abroad consulting.

Our Managing Partner

Sreekanth Gurrala is a successful entrepreneur and the Manging Partner of Sreekanth's Bridge Overseas Educational Consultancy. Sreekanth Gurrala was adamant about realising his dream of starting his own business. Sreekanth's Bridge Overseas Educational Consultancy was finally founded as a result of an ongoing and unceasing diligence to build a professional organisation. It's fascinating to learn about Sreekanth's Bridge Overseas Educational Consultancy's achievement. It was established on a few predetermined pillars of unwavering focus and persona, and it will always provide all those connected with Sreekanth's Bridge Overseas Educational Consultancy with the greatest possible customer experience. In addition, what we witness today is the result of the efforts he made to succeed.

His expertise lies in helping individuals and families navigate the complex process of studying abroad, obtaining necessary visas, and making informed decisions about educational institutions and career opportunities abroad. With a strong educational background and extensive experience in the field of international education, Sreekanth has been at the forefront of guiding students and professionals to pursue their dreams of studying and working overseas.

Our Partner

As a visionary Partner, Adapa Karunamayi ensures that her consultancy maintains close relationships with its clients throughout their entire journey. She firmly believes in the transformative power of education and the boundless opportunities it offers. With a compassionate and empathetic approach, Adapa Karunamayi diligently guides her clients to choose the most suitable educational institutions and countries that align with their long-term career goals.

Sreekanth's Bridge Overseas Educational Consultancy not only facilitates the admission process but also assists students in adapting to new cultures, overcoming language barriers, and adjusting to life abroad.

With a team dedicated to providing comprehensive support, she ensures that her clients thrive academically, professionally, and personally in their new environments. Karunamayi 's vision and commitment to excellence have positioned her consultancy as a trusted partner for all those aspiring to broaden their horizons through international education.

Why choose us

87% of people learning for professional development report career benefits

  • Our Mission

    We have developed closed relationships with many leading and best universities abroad, so that our students can get admissions easily and suitably in these universities. We guide our students in such a way that we promote the desire of foreign education among our students, which is necessary to acquire knowledge and modern technologies to shape their personalities and to fulfill their dreams.

  • Our Vision

    SREEKANTH’S BRIDGE OVERSEAS EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANCY means a vision of success for those who wish to make it to the top place. We share your thoughts, dreams and aspirations, so that we can become a part and parcel of all your plans to reach your goal.

  • Our Goal

    We have a mission to fulfill every student dream and to help them reach their study destination.

Our Core Strength